Application for a Community Garden Plot

• Only residents of the City of Yarra and those who do not have enough space to grow produce at their place of residence (please give size of area you have available) are eligible to rent a garden plot.
• There can be only one garden plot per household.
• Priority may be given to those living closer to the Farm or those who have the least opportunity to garden.

Before you apply, make sure you satisfy the following criteria:
• You live in the City of Yarra (proof must be seen via a utilities bill/rates notice, please show in person or scan and send via email).
• You are prepared to pay an annual rental and contribute to the upkeep of the community gardens by attending at least 4 working bees held on the 4th Saturday of each month (except December and January) from 1.30 – 4pm.
• Be prepared to make your plot as productive as possible.

After you have been approved you will receive a password to access the membership purchase pages

If you wish to become a part of this community please read the Community Garden Handbook to find out all you need to know and sign up for the waiting list.

Plot Memberships

Each Plot holder is required to pay a fee for a plot (see amount below), which does not include Farm entry or voting membership to the Farm. The $15 membership is no longer available.

The Plot fee contributes to the payment of water, staffing and maintenance costs.

Normal PlotNormal Plot
Half Plot
JOIN – $105JOIN – $65JOIN – $50

1These cards entitle you to a concession membership: 
Carer Card, Health Care Card, Pension Card, Student Card, Veterans Affairs Card.

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