Corporate Experience

Why bring your team to the Farm?

To get back together!

COVID 19 drove us all apart, so use this as an opportunity to reconnect with your team and get outdoors. Take time away from the office and enjoy a rewarding day at a community farm, in the heart of Melbourne!

Corporate experiences are a wonderful way for businesses to make a social impact whilst bolstering their reputation within the community, building teams and developing staff skills.

Bringing your team for a day at Collingwood Children’s Farm makes an enormous difference to the community and benefits volunteers personally.

And, of course, it’s fun!

Your impact

By choosing the Farm for your corporate experience, you will be supporting a non-profit organisation which engages with people in the community who are experiencing adversity. Your financial contribution will help us care for our animals, conserve our heritage farmland, and fund inclusive programs which develop self-esteem, self-worth and connectedness. It is an opportunity for your business to show you truly value your community and want to contribute to its flourishing.

Learning about and addressing environmental problems and the impacts of climate change start at a young age. By supporting CCF you will be aligning yourself with an organisation that educates the next generation about how we can live more sustainably and contribute to the fight against climate change.

Raising capital will allow Collingwood Children’s Farm to broaden what it has to offer and further invest in capital works that will make the Farm a core green space in the heart of the city. By booking your Corporate Experience session, you will be playing a key role in the ongoing sustainability of Collingwood Children’s Farm’s programs and investing in the future of an organisation that seeks to address issues, such as climate change and building community for those facing adversity.

Your day…

Corporate team experience days with CCF are invaluable; you are uniquely placed to tackle large jobs that could otherwise take the Farm weeks or months to complete.
Farm work is physical, outdoors and usually dirty. You might be unloading a delivery of hay, helping set up for our monthly Farmers Market or getting stuck into the gardens.

The list of jobs is endless, but we do have the ability to tailor work to suit all abilities, so no one is left out.

9.15am – Arrival at the Farm
9.30 – Welcome and paying respects to the traditional owners of the land. Tour and history of the Farm and induction.
10.30 – Light Refreshment Break
11.00 – Morning activities that may include – planting, harvesting, moving hay, setting up for market day or many other activities.
1.00pm – lunch (catered by Farm or bring your own for a picnic in the paddock)
2pm – Afternoon self-guided activities on the Farm (or optional add on activities*)


$1000 +GST for a group of up to 12 participants .
Bookings are taken for Monday or Friday.

  • These costs cover operational costs, a facilitator for the day and helps us to provide opportunities for our social programs across the Farm.
  • We can include several catered lunch options at an additional cost.

Something extra?

If you’d like to make more of your day we have a number of optional add ons like – urban gardening workshops, make your own plant box, a private guinea pig cuddle and more. If you would like to book a date or discuss this further, please contact our Volunteer Coordinator in the form below

Thank you for your time and we look forward to working with you in the near future.

(*additional costs will apply depending on activity)

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