Annual General Meeting Wednesday 30th November 2022 at 6.00pm.
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The CoM provides strategic direction for the Farm and oversees its management on a voluntary basis. The Committee is looking to grow the diversity and strength of its team and seeks candidates who are passionate about the Farm and its future.
All appointments are voluntary and are set as a two-year term.

In particular, we are looking for individuals with expertise in the following areas: 

● Legal (particularly in not-for-profits and charities) 

● Fundraising / Philanthropy 

● Marketing / Communications 

● Governance 

● Human Resources 

● Land Management (farming, horticulture, forestry etc) 

● Finance and Business 

● Education and Community Development.

You are encouraged to register your attendance for the AGM here and the relevant documentation is listed below:

You can read CCF’s Annual Report and Financial Report for FY 21/22 here.



A member may appoint another member as a proxy for the meeting and must comply with Section 33(4) of the
Rules of the Collingwood Children’s Farm Incorporated Association.
All proxies must be received 24 hours before the meeting, ie 6.00pm Tuesday 29th November 2022.

Send completed proxy forms to: [email protected].


I have served on the CoM for the last four years, two as President. I have huge admiration for my other CoM members and Farm staff and the way in which we have collaborated to refocus our work on serving the mission of the Farm, rebuilding the health of the land and including our wide-ranging community in the story we have to tell.

I have a broad background in governance, government, engagement and inclusion, and I hold an MBA.
I have two primary-school-aged children, who, when I see their delight in visiting the Farm, remind me of my own joy in visiting when I was a child.

I will offer stability and guidance to the Farm as we welcome our new CEO, and to the staff who have been working through these challenging years. I will foster an inclusive CoM where all can contribute to enrich the Farm.

If elected for another term, I will support the CEO, find ways to better tell the Farm’s story to a broader audience, encourage closer relationships with our key partners, see the Community Gardens sprout again and celebrate this remarkable sanctuary on the banks of the Birrarung.

Community engagement has been at the core of my values and work for the past several years.

I was a Senior Communications Consultant at the Victorian Multicultural Commission and Manager of Social Media & Content for the COVID-19 Response for the Victorian Department of Health so have a robust view and understand the depths of work and community undertaking that orgs like the Farm provide to diverse communities from all walks of life, in times of crisis and peace.

I have served as a Committee of Management member on the Victorian Pride Lobby for the past two years, having helped steer through a rebrand with my communications and engagement skills and believe it’s time to move on and share my skills elsewhere.

I am currently working as Head of Digital for Commonwealth Games Victoria 2026 and have fundraising, media, communications, community engagement, strategy and marketing skills, and have worked across government, legal, NFP, education and tourism.

Government policy and programs only work when they are in conjunction with grassroots organisations for the community, by the community. I’d be very proud to help shepherd the Farm on its next journey.

Collingwood Children’s Farm is a significant cultural landmark for the community and for my family.
Living regionally now, the Farm provided significant respite and emotional connection to land, when my family and I lived within the dense urban inner-city environment of Northcote and Abbotsford. I highly value connection to our natural landscape and seasonal cycles, and seek to promote this in my personal and professional life. The opportunity to professionally contribute to the Collingwood Children’s Farm is an exciting opportunity that aligns to my values.

As a practising HR Consulting professional, I work with many organisations and businesses to align their people and resources at a strategic level to the organisational vision. I work predominantly with small to medium sized businesses, across all industries, including farms, and most recently have supported the
not- for-profit organisation: Farm My School. Farm My School facilitates contemporary hands-on propagation and farming practices with secondary school students, within their curriculum and learning environment.

After recently completing the Postgraduate Certificate of Garden Design at the University of Melbourne in the School of Ecosystem and Forest Sciences, Burnley Campus, I seek to continue facilitating opportunities for Australians to emotionally connect to the landscape, whether it be privately, publicly, in a parkland or on a working farm.

I have been a passionate supporter of the Collingwood Children’s Farm since moving to Abbotsford in 2005. Initially visiting the Farm regularly with my granddaughters, I joined the Community Gardens in 2016.
Since then, I have been an active volunteer, serving on the Community Gardens Subcommittee from 2016 to 2019 and on the Community Gardens Working Group from 2019 to 2021.

I am nominating for the Farm’s Committee of Management to contribute my professional skills towards the advancement of the Farm’s vision as a not-for-profit organisation serving people suffering disadvantage within the Victorian community.

I have professional experience in the following areas that the Farm is seeking in its CoM members:

Philanthropy and not-for-profit sector

Marketing / Communications / Finance and Business

  • In the role of Managing Director of several businesses over the past thirty years: ColourFast Systems, icorp consolidated, and Handfield and Bell Pty Ltd.
  • As a digitising Consultant and Project Manager for digitising projects for major libraries, and public art galleries.

My name is Imogen Henry and I am writing to nominate myself as a General Member for the Committee of Management at the Collingwood Children’s Farm. I believe that my unique background in fundraising, communications and urban horticulture makes me suitable for a position on the Committee.

I was raised in Kew and I have been a regular visitor to the Farm since I was a child. I believe wholeheartedly in its efforts to provide meaningful nature-based experiences to families and children of all backgrounds.

I am also aware of the Farm’s plans to re-develop its Community Gardens and upgrade its facilities; I think these are wonderful projects that will increase the appeal and functionality of the Farm. As a board member I am sure I could support these initiatives using the knowledge and skills I have developed in my career so far. From 2020–2022, I was the Private Giving & Bequest Coordinator at Royal Botanic Gardens Victoria whilst studying a Master of Urban Horticulture from the University of Melbourne. I am currently the Corporate Communications Coordinator at Incitec Pivot Limited, where I have gained experience communicating with various stakeholders in support of IPL’s proposed demerger.

Please feel free to contact me should you need any further information.

The Collingwood Children’s Farm holds a very special place in the hearts of my family. A regular highlight of our weekend is a bike ride along the Birrarung from our inner-North home to visit the Farm with my two young daughters.

The Farm was a place of valuable respite to me in the early days of motherhood, I found a peace at the Farm, and I would like to give back to a place that gave me and my family so much.

I am a communications and advocacy professional who was fortunate to be engaged to support the Farm earlier this year. Through my work with the Farm, I was witness to the passion, commitment and hard work of the Farm’s employees and volunteers. I would like to continue to use my skills and experience to support and promote the incredible work of the Farm.

I have over fifteen years’ experience providing expert policy, advocacy and communications advice in highly regulated industries—with experience in corporate, community, government and political organisations.
My key skills are in government relations, community engagement, public policy, corporate communications, media relations and crisis management.

I would like to use my skills and passion for the Farm to help it remain an inclusive, diverse, supportive and unique place for our community now and into the future.

I am a long-term resident of Abbotsford and a passionate supporter of the Collingwood Children’s Farm.
I strongly believe in the mission of the CCF, especially their work with disadvantaged communities and providing a rich experience for children and families in urban agriculture. 

I have extensive professional experience in working with volunteer Committees of Management and I believe my knowledge and expertise would contribute to the achievement of the aims, purpose and objectives of the CCF. Specifically, I have expertise in senior management, financial management, and HR and community engagement. I also have extensive experience in working with all levels of government. In my previous professional roles I have led strategic planning processes and supported the governance of a major local health service provider working closely with the Board of Governance.

I am an advocate for and supporter of all forms of community gardening, including allotment gardening and communal gardening. I believe that community gardening reflects the values and culture of our diverse community and every opportunity should be provided to members of the community to participate in this important form of cultural expression. Community gardening also contributes to the development and maintenance of strong community bonds and social capital. At its heart community gardening is about sharing experiences, knowledge and skills.

I am a strong supporter of the work of management and staff of the Collingwood Children’s Farm and I am very committed to working with all of the Farm’s community to grow and develop the Farm’s programs and services.

I moved to Abbotsford in 2008 and became a CCF member soon after. At the Farm you’ll find me walking through the Market Garden looking at what I may be able to purchase at the Farm stall or in the beautiful Native Garden smelling the cut-leaf mint.

I’m really impressed with the recent changes at the Farm and want to be on the CoM to further advance the Farm’s vision. I’m passionate about food security, sustainable agriculture and children learning about food production.

I have a master’s degree in public health and have community development, governance and legal (policy and regulation) experience. I work at the Victorian Gambling and Casino Control Commission in the Legal, Policy and Harm Minimisation division. Previously, I worked at Yarra City Council for ten years in statutory planning, strategic planning and social policy.
I was responsible for establishing the council’s Heritage Advisory Committee and oversaw the development
of council’s first heritage strategy.
My career has included working closely with various community stakeholders and being the secretariat for numerous committees. I have also been a volunteer at FareShare for nine years, including a period as school supervisor assisting students.

Thanks for considering my nomination. 

Jessica is a mother of two young kids living locally in Alphington. She is a professional with fifteen years’ experience in Risk and Audit, currently in an Asia Pacific role for an international business. A primary part of her role is to help management identify and manage risks effectively. With this, she has had significant exposure working in an advisory capacity to improve business processes, identify control improvements and efficiencies across organisations. Jessica has worked in many countries and enjoys the experiences of working with people from diverse backgrounds.

Growing up in Geelong and being part of an engaged and supportive community, a key priority for Jessica is to create similar community engagement and close networks for people within her own and neighbouring communities.

In her personal time, Jessica and her family love to hike and camp and thoroughly enjoy the outdoors. 
Having a place like the Collingwood Children’s Farm that encourages that community environment, and supports those who are disadvantaged, is something Jessica is passionate about. With so many exciting changes and developments at the Farm that can better support our community, Jessica would love the opportunity to contribute to the future direction of the Farm.  

I was elected to the CoM in 2020, first as a General Member and currently as Secretary.
It’s been a privilege serving on the Committee, helping the Farm achieve its mission and purpose.

I was involved with the Farm before joining the CoM, working as a consultant on a report on the Farm’s future directions for its landscape and vegetation. I submitted this report in early 2020 with nineteen recommendations; it’s been extremely gratifying seeing these implemented by the talented Farm staff.
The Market Garden development and adoption of regenerative agriculture practices have been key highlights. I am keen to continue bringing my skills and experience to help the Farm at a strategic level. I have donated tools and equipment to the Farm over several years and believe strongly that the Farm can attract donors and philanthropic support.

I teach, research and consult in urban horticulture, specialising in urban agriculture, based at the Burnley Campus of the University of Melbourne. I have been a strong advocate for urban agriculture in the City of Yarra for many years and currently sit on council’s Environmental Advisory Committee. There is a historic connection between Burnley and CCF. I have connected Horticulture students to CCF through internships, work placements and volunteer positions. I also worked for many years in nature conservation and ecological restoration, including PhD research with a Landcare farming community in rural New South Wales.

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