Collingwood Children’s Farm is largely self-funded through trade and uses this revenue to care for its animals, conserve our heritage farmland, and fund inclusive programs to support those experiencing adversity.

Q: Is Collingwood Children’s Farm mostly Government-funded?

A: No! We receive a small contribution from the Department of Education for our Early Years programs but otherwise, all funds are directly raised through entry fees, program fees, venue hire and grants.

Q: Most of your income is from grants, isn’t it?

A: While grants are a welcome addition to our budget, applying for them is a big task so we are trying to become more and more self-sufficient by raising funds ourselves.

Q: How can I help the Farm achieve this?

A: By getting involved! Visit the Farm, book a school excursion, plan a birthday party, book a corporate experience, have your wedding here or come to one of our workshops.

Q: Do you accept cash donations?

A: Absolutely! The Farm welcomes donations of any amount.

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