Established in 1979 the Collingwood Children’s Farm is a not-for-profit community resource providing country experiences for city people.

The Farm is governed by a Committee of Management, made up of elected volunteers with specific skills and experience. The Committee of Management (CoM) provides strategic direction and oversees the Farm management. This enables management and staff to get on with running the Farm, while meeting community expectations of transparency, accountability and participation.

CoMs are a way Crown Land can be managed on behalf of the government to benefit the community. Across Victoria, about 8000 people volunteer their time on almost 1200 Committees of Management which care for around 1500 Crown Land reserves. Their role is to manage, maintain and enhance public assets. These range from reserves, rail trails and gardens to public halls, showgrounds and swimming pools.

Farm members can vote in the CoM elections at the Annual General Meeting (AGM) each year.

Details of the next AGM will be posted here in 2023 leading up to the event.

Documents and Policies

Current CoM Members

Office Bearers

Nina Collins – President
Erika Russell – Vice President
Chris Williams – Secretary
Lachlan Cook – Treasurer

General Members

Jacqueline Edge
Margot Foster
Imogen Henry
Elyse Hogan
Ben Neil
Cr Amanda Stone – City of Yarra
Jess West